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Do You Really Need Uni Application Help?

admission consulting servicesGetting into the right college or university is vital if you want to ensure that you guarantee your future career. Getting that place, however, is far harder than most students expect. Places are not begging to be filled, they are on the whole oversubscribed and you will have to compete to get the place that you want. Especially when it comes to the more sought after colleges.

Our admission consulting services can help you to understand just what you need to do with your application to provide you with that edge that you will require over your competitors. Our simple mission is to help our clients to be able to get accepted to their dream school and we will do everything within our power to help you achieve this.

We have been providing professional tutoring and other support to applicants for more than five years and have helped students from more than 120 different countries. We have a sizeable pool of experts to call on to provide our help and can confidently provide you with an admission coach that will know precisely what it is going to take to get you into your chosen program. We aim for your full satisfaction and we know that you will be able to submit your application with confidence with our support.

Our Admission Consulting Services Offer You Qualified Support

alumno tutorial servicesWhether you need a personal statement tutor or someone to coach you to pass the GMAT or GRE we have the right consultant for you. We know that the quality of the help that we provide is totally reliant on the expert that we provide you with; this is why we always provide you with the best. We have been building our team for many years and have more than 200 experts to call from. This allows us to pick and choose to select the right help for you.

You would not expect to work with an admissions essay editor that could barely speak English or had no experience in the admissions process. Yet this is what may happen with many other online services. Many of our experts, however, have worked for us for more than 5 years and proven themselves time and again with our clients.

We will always carefully review your requirements and will assign you a specialist consultant that will be:

  • Excellently qualified in the field of your application with a postgraduate qualification;
  • Has many years of experience supporting students such as yourself with applications at your level;
  • Will know the precise application process for your college or university;
  • Has a firm understanding of the admissions committee’s expectations from your documentation;
  • Has highly effective communication and writing skills in English.

Our admission experts work directly with you through our service. This is because your personal statement, resume and other documents must perfectly reflect you at all times. They cannot be simply copied, nor can they be written in a generic fashion. To be effective they have to perfectly reflect you while being tailored to the application that you are making. Only be working directly with you can our consultants and tutors access the information that they will need.

Why Work with Our Consulting Services

personal statement tutorGoing to college is a big step and you will have to ensure that you fully understand what you are getting into. As the university of California Santa Cruz says:

“In college, you have a tremendous amount of freedom. No one is monitoring your progress. No one is checking to see if you are going to class, and no one knows whether or not you’re doing your assignments. You are responsible for your own academic progress.”

The same can be applied to your application. If you put in the hard work that is required then you have a greater chance of being selected for a place. Working with our specialists who can provide you with the best college essay editing service or university writing help will help you to succeed.

We provide you with the best staff and also fully support your application writing and editing with:

  • Around the clock friendly support: you can contact our staff through the telephone or online at any time to get the answers that you need;
  • A quick turnaround on the consulting help that you need. We will always aim to deliver our support as quickly as possible and will never miss a deadline;
  • Confidentiality: we know that protecting your data and the work that is done with you is vital and will never share anything with anyone;
  • Unlimited revisions: if you are not happy with what is written or edited then our services allow for unlimited changes until you are fully satisfied with the end results;
  • Free proofreading and formatting: all services are fully checked by our certified staff so that you can submit work confidently knowing there are no errors;
  • Originality: submitting work that is copied is unethical and also unlikely to be effective. We offer only carefully tailored and original writing that is supplied with a plagiarism report;
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: should our experts be unable to satisfy you or fix any issues that you may have then our services provide for a full refund.

Don’t take chances with your future, use our admission consulting services to boost your chance of being accepted into your dream college or university!

Type of work:

Turnaround/Level Standard (5-7 days) Rush (3 days) 911 (24 hours)
BBA $27.19
MBA $32.63
DBA $40.79