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Can You Use an MBA Essay Sample?

mba essay sampleWriting an application essay to get into your chosen MBA program is a very important task and one that you will need to get spot on. MBA programs are heavily oversubscribed by very highly qualified and experienced applicants and to make yourself stand out you will need something very special. The application essay is often your only way to give yourself an edge and to make yourself stand out from the many other applicants.

But writing an essay that is truly going to make you memorable and give you an edge over your competitors is not going to be very easy. Many applicants spend many weeks working on their essays making many changes and improvements and will still not be happy with what they submit. Often looking at sample MBA essays is a great way to get inspiration for your own writing.

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How to Use MBA Essay Examples

sample mba essaysUsing MBA sample essays is often the quickest way to see what is really expected of you when you make your application. Samples will provide you with a huge amount of guidance as to how your essay should be structured, what needs to be covered and also the style in which they should be written. There are many very good examples out there of successful essays such as ours; however none of them are going to be about you or targeted towards the program that you are applying to. So no matter how good they may appear there is no point in simply copying them or any part of them. Not only is this plagiarism it will also not help you. Another thing to consider is just how good is that sample; if you finished reading it half way through is it really as good as they claim?

Tips for Writing That Effective MBA Application Essay

Even if you have looked at all of the sample MBA essays that are out there you will still be looking for some additional guidance as to how you should write your essay to make you memorable:

  • Always open with an attention grabbing hook to get their attention right from the start. Use a personal anecdote that will peak their interest right from the opening line.
  • Make your statement flow more like a story rather than making it into a list of why they should accept you like your resume.
  • Cover all of the areas that they are likely to want to know about you:
    • Why do you want to study for an MBA?
    • Where are you heading in your career and why is an MBA important to that?
    • What skills do you have that make you an ideal candidate?
    • Why are you applying to this program rather than another?
  • Never make claims that are unsubstantiated; if you are a good leader provide an example of when you used your skills and what the outcome was.
  • Always write in a concise manner; you have a very limited word count and a lot to say so you must make every word count.
  • Avoid anything that is not relevant to your application; also only use your own words never quotations or clichés.
  • Use only language that anyone can understand; don’t try to be clever or use acronyms and slang.
  • Always proofread your work very carefully, so much as a single mistake in your writing can make your application appear sloppy or that you do not care about it as much as you say.

We Can Help with Your MBA Essay

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