CEO Secrets – You Never Knew It Before

What are the characteristics of CEOs that make them different? They have a clear vision for their company, leading it to the right direction and their people to the right page to make the whole company a success and its visions a reality. CEOs also inspire and motivate people to succeed and they don’t put them down. They are also ethical and honest. They also have excellent communication skills and they care that the company is always a good place to work. A CEO also has a global business outlook and does not stop innovating and adapting to the changes in business. He is also decisive and focuses on the needs of the customers.

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ceo secrets
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Highest Paid CEOs in the World

  • Charif Souki – $141, 949, 280 (CHENIERE)
  • Mario J. Gabelli- $85, 049, 800 (GAMCO)
  • Lawrence J. Ellison- $78, 440, 657 (ORACLE)


Top Performing CEOs in the World

  • Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon
  • John Martin, Gilead Sciences
  • John Chambers, Cisco Systems
  • David Pyott, Allergan

Facts about CEOs

  • 98% of CEOs in the world are men
  • 69% of CEOs say they had any previous CEO experience before their current role
  • 74% of CEOs have been in their current role for five or fewer years

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MBA $32.63
DBA $40.79