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Applying to college is not as simple as it may sound even if you have achieved excellent grades. There are many other students out there that will have achieved similar grades to you and you are going to be competing toe to toe with them for a valuable place in higher education. Every college receives far more applicants than they have places hence the need to ensure that your application is capable of making you stand out.

College admission counseling services are turned to by many applicants due to the amount of competition that you will face. For popular colleges, the odds of you being accepted are very low indeed unless you can do something very special with your application. Harvard, for instance, received over 39,000 applicants and will only take a little over 2000.

Our college admission assistance has been providing help to students with their applications for several years. During this time we have built up a team of highly qualified and successful application writers and editors that can help you with all aspects of your application. Through us you will gain the advantage that you need to help your application to stand out from the many others and to get yourself noticed.

Our college admissions help can provide you with a huge number of different services to support you with your application:

College admission essay writing service

writing you paperOne of the most important parts of your application is your admissions essay or personal statement. With your grades often being very similar to many of the other applicants your essay is really the only way open to you to help yourself to stand out. Our experts can work with you through our online services to discover exactly what makes you suited and qualified for the college you are applying to. They will provide you college application essay help to craft a statement that is both unique and well written to get you noticed.

Your essay will be written in a way that reflects your strengths and will carefully match you to the specific expectations of the college that you are applying to. Their excellent writing skills will ensure that your application essay will get you noticed.

Personal statement editing services

higher educationNot every applicant will want help with writing their admissions essay; many will simply want to have their essay reviewed by an expert in the area to be sure that their application will cut it. Our fully certified editors fully understand the application process and the expectations of the admissions committee. This helps them to be able to edit your essay so that you can be sure that your wording and flow will be able to impress the reader.

Our editing is far more than just a simple read through of your application. Our experts are fully certified and very experienced in this area and they will be able to transform your essay so that it is capable of getting you the attention that you need.

Application essay proofreading

formatting essayMistakes in your writing are totally avoidable and the admissions committee are not going to be very forgiving if they spot any. First impressions count and spelling and grammatical errors tell the reader that maybe you are not as interested as you claim to be or that you are simply a sloppy student; either way you are unlikely to get through.

Our proofreaders provide you with very thorough reviews of your writing to ensure that it is error free. Our experts are certified and totally dedicated to ensuring that your writing will be perfect.

Letter of recommendation writing, editing, and formatting

lorLetters of Recommendation (LoR) are often another part of a student’s application that can have a significant effect on their chances of acceptance. If you have been asked to provide letters our skilled experts are able to help you to write letters that are going to make the student that you are recommending stand out.

College admission formatting is provided, as every college has very specific requirements for how your submission should be prepared and the college essay format, this must be followed to the letter if you do not want your application to be dismissed. Our experts can help you to ensure that your admission essay is of the right length and correct format as well as ensuring that all other documentation is exactly as required.

College application counseling

applying to collegeOur college admission coaching services can help you with everything from preparing your actual application through to helping you get ready for an entrance interview. Our specialized staff fully understand the process involved as well as the types of questions that you may be asked. They can help you through direct coaching to practice your responses to likely questions as well as with how to answer those off the wall questions that you may be asked. Our aim is to build your confidence to the point where you can face your interview knowing that you can handle anything that they throw at you.

Why Work with Our College Admission Counseling Services?

Our services are fully staffed by true experts that know precisely how your application should be put together. With more than 200 specialists to draw from we are able to support you will applications to any college no matter what subject area you wish to study. They work with you directly and will offer you an unlimited number of revisions to all support provided to ensure that everything is to your full satisfaction.

Our coaches are some of the best that you will find online and are fully supported with:

  • Plagiarism testing to confirm that your writing is totally original to you
  • Proofreading on all services to avoid any errors
  • Guaranteed confidentiality with every form of help provided
  • Highly affordable services that are very competitive
  • Online support and ordering available 24/7
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our college admission counseling or your money back

Contact our very reliable and affordable college admission counseling services here today for all of the help that you need to boost your chances of being accepted to your chosen institution.

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