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apply to universityGetting ready to apply to college? It’s an exciting process, but one filled with many hazards and perils. If you’re getting started, you might feel anxious about your chances, and not sure what you’re going to do next. Here’s a list of steps that can help you break down the parts into manageable pieces:

  • Narrow your school choices: It’s best to narrow your choices down to 3-5 schools. If you really want to apply to more, it’s okay – just keep in mind application fees! You don’t want to spend five hundred bucks on applications. You can only go to one school, after all.
  • Carefully review admissions procedures: Each school has different requirements. Make sure that you’re choosing the correct requirement for each school when you’re applying to each one.
  • Register for your tests: ACT? SAT? Both? Whatever the answer, or whether it’s another one like AP tests, make sure you’re signed up on time to get your test when you need it.
  • Send test scores: Make sure you get those scores sent out to the right schools! It’s best to have them in mind before you go to take the test, since the center will charge extra to send more later.
  • Write an essay: The tricky bit. You’ll have to get just the right balance of your voice and your personality along with a professional tone. But this isn’t as hard as it sounds, we promise. We will walk you through some great tips for a good admissions essay.
  • Fill out the application: This will probably take less time than you think it will! The application itself isn’t the hard part, after all. Set aside a weekend to dedicate to applying.

College Admission Essay Help with Admissions Consultant

Let’s go over the way to get an amazing college admissions essay! We promise, it can be easier than you think.

  • Take a second to reflect: It sounds boring, but it’ll be a lot easier if you have some time to sit down and consider your options.
  • Make notes first: This will help you bust that “staring at a blank page” angst and give you a sense of where to go.
  • Create an outline: Having thought about what you want to say, go ahead and create a map for your paper.
  • Fill in: Time to write! Since you have a lot of information, this is much less scary than a blank page.
  • Edit: Give it a quick go-over to make sure you’re not missing anything and that you haven’t made any typos.
  • Get another set of eyes: Now it’s time to let someone else help you edit some more. This helps catch any mistakes you might have missed.

College Admission Counselling Services and Essay Writing

get the educationWe can talk all day about how to apply to college and how to create a good essay. However, we understand that for many students, this is the busiest time in their life. If you’re in the midst of graduating, getting ready, taking tests, and panicking about your future, a college admissions essay is the last thing on your mind. So our services step forward to help you. We can write an edit any admissions essay to help you make sure you’re getting the top-drawer quality. You can give us your schools and a little bit about yourself, and we’ll construct a perfect essay. Or, show us your already-written essay, and let us tweak it into perfection. It only takes a little bit of time to get it from a rough draft to a finished product. You’ll be able to move on with your life and get ready for college!

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college admissionWondering who does our writing? We are staffed by a team of amazing writers with experience in admissions procedures who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our solid team work well together and know how to work with others, too. They are skilled at taking the small amount of information you give them and turning it into a perfect essay that encapsulates your life.

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f you’re getting ready for college, we’re impressed by your ambition and drive. We’ll help you get there with less effort and less time. You will be amazed by how much easier the process can be than you might have thought! Whether you’re applying to the nearest state school to stay close to family or to an Ivy League college, your ambitions can be fulfilled with our services.

College admission help counseling can get you into college more easily than you’d expect, so check out our services now!

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