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Can an Ivy League Application Consultant Really Help You?

The top of the pile when it comes to universities in the US are the Ivy League Schools. Getting a degree from any of them can pretty much guarantee your future career prospects as they are typically seen as offering a standard of education that just cannot be equaled anywhere else. Certainly, they are all ranked highly in the world. They are also highly selective, Princeton, for instance, this year accepted just 7% of the whopping 31 thousand applicants. Just like our MBA admission consulting, our Ivy League experts truly understand what it takes to get you to the school of your choice.

Our Ivy League admission consultant can provide you with the edge that you will need to get your application noticed over all of the others. Often it is how you present yourself that will make the difference, after all, you will often be just as highly qualified as those that you are competing against. No matter what the admission statistics are for these top universities you will still be judged on the excellence of your application. We can make sure that your application says precisely what they want to see and boost your chances of gaining the place that you want.

Which Ivy League School Should You Apply To?

If you want to select the right school for you then you need to think about more than just the name of the university you are applying to. You will need to consider the fees that they charge, its location, their expectations for grades and a host of other information. To help you with making your decision the following table outlines some of the basic admissions statistics for the Ivy League Universities that our consultants can help you with:

Ivy League Uni Admission % Av. GPA Fees US News Ranking Most Popular Majors
Brown 9.5% 3.89 $25,264 14 Biology
Computer Science
Columbia 6.6% 3.84 $22,973 5 Economics
Political Science and Government
Cornell 15% 3.86 $30,014 15 Biology
Labor and Industrial Relations
Hotel and Resort Management
Dartmouth 11% 3.88 $21,177 11 Economics
Political Science and Government
Engineering Science
Harvard 5.6% 3.83 $16,205 2 Economics
Social Sciences
Princeton 7.0% 3.89 $17,732 1 Public Policy Analysis
Computer Engineering
Penn 10.0% 3.89 $22,944 8 Finance
Yale 6.7% 3.86 $18,319 3 Economics
Political Science and Government

How Can Our Ivy League Admission Consultant Help You?

We provide expert support through our college application assistance to help you to get into the top universities in the US. Our Ivy league schools consulting can help you with all of the stages of application and all of the documentation that you may be asked to supply. Our experts are carefully selected and will have a full understanding of precisely what will be expected of you. They work directly with you through the whole process to ensure that your application will be totally unique to you while being tailored to the committee’s expectations.

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Through our Ivy League application help you can get support with all of the following:

  • Writing and editing of your admissions essays: whether the main personal statement or additional supplementary essays our specialists can ensure that your essays will make you stand out from the many other applicants.
  • Letter of recommendation: if you are writing your letter for another to endorse or have been asked to supply a letter our experts know just how to write an effective LoR that will say just the right things.
  • Resume writing: often you will need to provide a resume with your application and this must be able to show that you have the precise skills and achievements that they will be looking for. Our experts can help you to craft a resume that will get you seen as an excellent match.
  • Test preparation: our specialists can help you with past papers and likely questions and the model answers to go with them. With their support, you will be able to improve your performance of all of the standard tests.
  • Interview preparation: if the Ivy League schools admission panel like the look of your application on paper then they will often want to meet you in person. Interviews can be tough but with our support, you will be able to attend yours full of confidence.
  • Interview Reflection: you will often be asked to provide a written response to a set of questions following your interview. Our experts will be able to help you to craft your responses in a way that will best help your personal application.

What Degrees Can Our Ivy League Consulting Help With?

Our experts are highly qualified and will hold a postgraduate degree in a field that is relevant to your intended subject area. This ensures that they fully understand what is expected of you and your application. With many to choose from, we are able to support you with a full range of subject areas such as:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biology
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Civil Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • And many more

Select Our Ivy League Consulting to Boost Your Chances of Winning a Place

No matter what level you want to study at, gaining your degree from an Ivy League University is going to make your future prospects so much brighter. Getting in however for many can be an almost impossible task. Not however with our experts. We fully understand just what it takes to get you noticed and will fully guarantee your satisfaction with the help that we provide to you.

Contact our Ivy League admission consultant and make your application sing your praises in a way that’s going to make your name memorable when the decisions are made.