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What Is MBA?

MBA means Master of Business Administration. Gaining admission to study in an Ivy League MBA institution would be a dream come true for so many. But scaling through the application process is a hurdle too tricky for many hence the need for professional help from the best MBA admissions consultants.

ivy league mba consulting services

For so many reasons MBA program at an Ivy League institution stands one out anytime any day. It positions one for a great career leap and for peak performance in whatever industry or discipline one finds himself or herself. But securing admission into an MBA program requires some technicality in the admission process. Now let’s explore some of the critical ingredients for a successful MBA application and why you need MBA admissions consulting help and advice even with your GMAT.

Why Is MBA Your Best Life Choice?

Every business has its trade secret and the principles required for success. It is pertinent to not only have hands-on experience but the needed academic knowledge for success in any business endeavor. To function at managerial level in an organization involves top critical reasoning and skill.

An MBA course better positions one for success in their chosen business endeavor. It not only places one at senior management roles but exposes one to global business practices. Due to the seriousness of an MBA program, the entrance requirement is such that your resumes for MBA application should sell you better in meeting the admission requirements.

Benefits of an Ivy League MBA Course

An MBA course reduces the chances of failure and increases your success margin. There are fundamental indicators of success in any field, an MBA course from an Ivy League institution greater provides you access to trends and current business thinking from even the Fortune 500 class.

Most Fortune 500 companies are under the management of Ivy League MBA graduates. Bloomberg identifies that over 50% of MBA graduates occupy management positions in multinational corporations. Job placements three months Post MBA is 85% higher.

Ivy League institutions offer some of the best standards in any academic course or profession. In an Ivy League institution, they place more on research and practical application of learning outcomes to increase productivity in organizations and the society.

An MBA course also teaches you about all the key aspects or units in an organization. It helps you understand how each unit work and can affect the growth or overall goals of the group.

No doubt, an Ivy League MBA could also mean a more robust salary, network of like-minds or make it easier to succeed when you become a business owner.

ivy league mba statistics about applicants

Duration of MBA Program

Most academic institutions run both full time and part time MBA programs except for Princeton University and Brown University MBA programs which is a joint partnership with IE Brown Executive with affordable tuition fees. MBA usually run for between 3 – 6 months for a specialized course and one to 4 years for full-fledged MBA course.

  • Full time – 2 years
  • Full time intensive – 1 year
  • Part-time – 3-4 years
  • Part-time – 2 years (for busy executives – MBA Executive)
  • Part-time – 3-6 months (specialized courses/fields only)

Potential Salary

MBA graduate usually enjoys senior management positions, and their salaries are two times higher than the average Master degree holders. But first, you must scale through the admission process such as with the Yale MBA essays to be a part of some of the best program.

Bloomberg survey findings show the average salary range:

Pre-MBA: $60-$100,000 per annum

Post-MBA (First job): $105-$170,000 per annum

Post-MBA (6-8 years after): $175 & above per annum

Facts about Ivy League Universities

All-Ivy League institutions are private universities popular for been award-winning, having academic excellence, rigorous admission processes and ability to deliver quality education using current practical situations. They came into existence due to the sports conference for colleges in 1954. Only 8 Ivy League schools exist and spread across the United States of America.

It is highly competitive gaining admission to study at an Ivy League institution hence you need the help of an MBA application consultant in increasing your chances of admission. Going through available enrollment stats can help you understand better.

The 8 Ivy League institutions include Harvard University, Massachusetts; Yale University, Connecticut; Princeton University, New Jersey; University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Brown University, Rhode Island; Dartmouth College, New Hampshire; Columbia University, New York, and Cornell University. However, of the 8 Ivy League schools only 6 of them offer MBA programs. Brown and Princeton do not directly run MBA programs except normal Master’s degree in Business Administration. The Ivy League School are:

Applications, Admissions, and MBA Essay Help into Ivy League Universities

Now a closer look at the acceptance rate of most Ivy League schools should help you understand why you need MBA essay help in securing admission faster into some of the world’s top business schools. Here are the Ivy Leagues institutions and their features:

  1. Columbia Business School

Ranking: 6

Applicants’ number: 33,531

Acceptance rate: 7%

Tuition Fee: $68,792

Application documents required: Columbia GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 715

GPA: 3.50

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 32 385 33 35 30 35
SAT 690 780 690 790 690 790
  1. Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate school of Management, Cornell University

Ranking: 10

Applicants’ number: 40,006

Acceptance rate: 15.2%

Tuition Fee: $61,584

Application documents required: Cornell GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 700

GPA: 3.37

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 31 34 31 35 30 35
SAT 660 6750 680 780
  1. Harvard Business School

Ranking: 3

Applicants’ number: 35,023

Acceptance rate: 12%

Tuition Fee: $63,675

Application documents required: Harvard GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 730

GPA: 3.67

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 32 35 33 35 31 35
SAT 700 800 700 800 710 790
  1. Tuck Business school, Dartmouth College

Ranking: 5

Applicants’ number: 22,416

Acceptance rate: 10%

Tuition Fee: $66,390

Application documents required: Dartmouth GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 722

Average GPA: 3.51

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 30 34 31 35 29 35
SAT 660 780 670 780 670 780
  1. Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Ranking: 1

Applicants’ number: 31,280

Acceptance rate: 12%

Tuition Fee: $67,516

Application documents required: Penn GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 728

GPA: 3.52

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 32 35 32 35 30 35
SAT 680 760 700 790 690 780
  1. Yale School of Management, Yale University

Ranking: 13

Applicants’ number: 29,610

Acceptance rate: 7%

Tuition Fee: $64,200

Application documents required: Yale GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 720

GPA: 3.63

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 32 35 33 35 30 35
SAT 720 800 710 800 710 790

Non-MBA Ivy League Schools

  1. Brown University

Ranking: 9

Applicants’ number: 28,919

Acceptance rate: 9.2%

Tuition Fee: $50,224

Application documents required: Brown GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores: 680 – 780 respectively for all subjects

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 31 34 32 35 29 35
SAT 680 780 690 780 690 780
  1. Princeton University

Ranking: 4

Applicants’ number: 26,498

Acceptance rate: 7.3%

Tuition Fee: $45,320

Application documents required: Princeton GPA, SAT & ACT score

Average GMAT scores:

Composite English Maths
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
ACT 32 35 33 35 31 35
SAT 690 790 700 800 710 790

Required application document for admission purpose includes the following for all institutions:

  • Professional Resume
  • Academic Records: Bachelor’s degree from a reputable educational institution locally or internationally.
  • Admission Essay
  • Application Forms
  • Letter of Recommendation (2 different persons)
  • GMAT, GRE scores of over 650+, proof of TOEFL

Also, understand that all institutions have their specific admission criteria. Are you writing Cornell MBA essays or for any other school? Then make sure to tailor it in line with the school’s requirements. Check MBA rankings to see the admission score requirements and additional details.

Most Popular MBA Specialties in Ivy League Universities

When writing Harvard MBA essays, you need to be sure of the key areas of specialization to be better guided.

So, here is a list of Ivy League MBA specialties or courses. But please understand that the trend is bound to change with time with inclusion or exclusion of some courses/ universities.

Dartmouth MBA Admissions’ Area of Specialization:

Course: MBA Finance & Executive MBA

Course: Management & Marketing

Harvard MBA Area of Specialization:

Course: International Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Columbia MBA Area of Specialization:

Course: MBA Finance & Executive MBA

Yale MBA Area of Specialization:

Course: Non-Profit & Management

Cornell MBA Area of Specialization:

Course: Management

University of Pennsylvania MBA Area of Specialization:

Course: Executive MBA, Finance & Accounting

MBA Application Tips for Writing a Winning Ivy League MBA Essay

As much you so much desire to gain admission into an MBA program in your University of Choice so do the academic institutions jostle to have the best student studying with them. But because the admission committee does not know each applicant, the application essay and other parameters help them decide who should be the best candidate for consideration. So to help you scale through the admission process here are some quick MBA application tips to guide you whether for Columbia University MBA admission, University of Pennsylvania MBA admissions or any other institution in the Ivy League:

  • When writing about your goals state the most important ones first as well as your reason for choosing that particular course. Be precise and concise in your summations.
  • Without been over-dramatic tell the committee what makes you the best person for an MBA program with the institution. You can use instances from your current or past work experiences and how you think the program can improve your future aspirations.
  • Always respond directly to questions asked without deviating.
  • Stick to only those skills and qualities that are relevant to your current pursuit.
  • State early enough and write down all your key attributes, experiences and achievements in life before narrowing down to the most relevant ones.
  • Tailor your essay, related skills, and performance to the characteristics of the institution, so there is a synergy.
  • Use a well-structured introduction, body, and conclusion. Present it in the form of an argument with your most vital attributes appearing first.

Though the Princeton University MBA admission/program like that of Brown University is in conjunction with other academic bodies, it does not in any way reduce its validity or reputation.

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