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MBAs are the most sought-after post-graduate degrees and are a must if you want to improve your business career. Often you will be unable to access positions if you do not have an MBA under your belt. But like most degrees where you gain them really does count. An online degree from an unknown college is not going to help you to compete against a Stanford graduate. But getting on to one of the better MBA programs is far from easy. Our college admission consulting services can help you to get into the business school you are targeting.

This is why you should look at using our MBA admission consulting to help you with your application. Most programs are highly selective and you are going to have to compete with many others for a place on any of them. Even if you have excellent qualifications and grades you are going to be competing against others that are equally as impressive as you. You must be able to make your application stand out and this is where our experience really helps you.

We fully understand what they are looking for in future business leaders and how to make your application reflect this. Your management education requires you to be able to present yourself in a way that they simply cannot pass you up. No matter how selective the school is we can make you stand out as an excellent choice.

Where Should You Apply for Your MBA

The top programs are often the most selective, and often the most demanding with regards to what they expect from those applicants. While a high GPA and an excellent few years of work experience will get you into many schools it may not be enough for the top business schools. Everyone that has a chance of a place will be perfectly qualified, so you have to truly stand out to impress the MBA admissions board.

That, however, should not stop you from applying, especially if you have our expert MBA application consulting to support you. The following are some of the better MBA programs that you could apply to along with some of the relevant statistics regarding them:

Business School Acceptance Rate Program Cost Work Experience Post Grad Salary
Stanford 7.10% $119,100 4 Years $125,000
Harvard 11% $122,450 4.1 Years $125,000
UC Berkeley Haas 13.20% $115,321 5 Years $120,000
MIT Sloan 13.80% $131,250 5 Years $119,639
Columbia 18.20% $135,637 5 Years $119,400
UCLA Anderson 17.80% $96,966 5 Years $111,000
NYU Stern 18.10% $131,402 4.5 Years $112,096

How Can Our MBA Admission Consulting Help You?

Our MBA admission counselor can support you with all of the application rounds that you will go through with your application. We work directly with you throughout the process and our MBA admission consultant and Ivy League admission consultant are able to help you with every step or just those areas that you are specifically looking for support with.

professional mba admission consulting service

We can help you with all of the different areas that you will be required to cover within your application to the Business school of your choice:

  • GMAT or GRE tests: our MBA admission counselor will be able to provide you with everything from practice papers and coaching to help you to fully understand what you are going to face. Your test results will have a significant impact on your chances of a successful application so it is important to have the help of the best when preparing for them.
  • TOEFL or IELTS tests: if English is not your first language then it is important that you demonstrate your proficiency. We provide the best MBA application consultants who will be able to help you to prepare for these exams so that you will be able to achieve the required scores.
  • Admission essay: you will be expected to write a personal statement of statement of purpose. This is often a real opportunity to make your application stand out and you will need the best MBA essay consultant if you are to make an impact. Our MBA essay consultant will fully understand what the committee expects to see and will be able to help you to craft your application accordingly.
  • Resume: just as your resume is important when applying for a job it also needs to impress when you look for an MBA place. You need to show that you have moved your career forward even if you have only had a few years of work experience. Our consultants will know precisely how you need to present yourself through your resume.
  • Letters of recommendation: whether you are writing your own letter for endorsement or you have been asked to recommend someone we can help you. We know just what should be covered and what should be avoided at all costs.
  • Application support: You will be expected to not only supply the above. You will also often be asked to fill out an application and supply additional documents such as your transcripts, past degrees, and many other documents. Our support can ensure that this goes smoothly.

The purpose of your application is often to get you invited for an interview. Once you have been invited we can help you with:

  • Interview preparation: we can help you by identifying the likely questions that you may be asked and how you should approach answering them. Through our coaching and one on one practice, you will be able to develop the skills and confidence to ace your interviews.
  • Interview Reflection: often you will be asked to reflect on how your interview went and submit the answers to a series of questions. Our MBA admission consulting can help you to review your response to ensure that you get the best chance of being selected for a place.

We Offer the Best MBA Application Consultants

Hiring an MBA consultant is not something that you should treat lightly. Our college application assistance provides you with an expert that has many years of tutoring applicants successfully with their submissions to some of the best business schools. They have been through the process themselves and hold a minimum of an MBA. All of the support that they provide is one on one and tailored to your specific application. All support is unique to you and supplied with a plagiarism report and carefully proofread for errors.

We want your application to be a success and will do everything possible to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the support that we provide to you. If you should not be happy with anything that we provide just talk to our expert and they will provide unlimited revisions to your documentation. If we are unable to satisfy you then our services offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee.

To boost your chance of a successful application choose our MBA admission consulting to help prepare you and for admission to your chosen business school.