Hilarious MBA Jokes: MBA for the Win!

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration (Management). It can also be written as M.B.A. The United States gets the credit as the country where MBA originated from, in the early twentieth century. This was the period of industrialization when companies in the United States began to search for scientific techniques and approaches to management. Our best MBA application consultants prepared a very interesting and informative article about MBA application.

Various aspects of the business are covered through the core courses that come with an MBA program. These core courses include finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, and operations. They are taught in a manner that completely relates them to management strategy and analysis. Most of the MBA programs also offer elective courses.

The different MBA programs include the following:

  • Accelerated MBA
  • Full Time (2-Years) MBA
  • Second Shift (Evening) MBA
  • Part-Time MBA
  • EMBA – Executive MBA
  • Modular MBA
  • Full Time Executive MBA
  • Blended Learning Program
  • Mini MBA
  • MBA Dual Degree

Benefits of Choosing MBA Career

Getting MBA degree offers you tons of juicy career opportunities and positions which include Business Analyst/Strategist, Director, Business Development Analyst/Manager/Analyst, Founder/Entrepreneur, Financial Analyst, marketing associate/Manager/Analyst, Management Consultant, Project/Product Manager, Operations Analyst/Manager/Analyst.

The benefits that come with getting any of those MBA careers include;

  • Higher Salary. An MBA degree holder earns quite higher compared to someone who has a regular master degree certificate. One of the hilarious MBA jokes is about an MBA degree holder employee and a regular master degree holder employee in the same company trying to approach a pretty fellow employee. Eventually, the MBA guy who wasn’t as cute as his competitor won the chase. When asked why she chose the MBA guy over the master degree holder guy, the pretty lady simply responded; “The highest bidder wins!” The average salary of MBA degree holders may start anywhere from 70,000$ when a governmental organization is involved. It is even higher in consulting, financial or health-care niches – around 120,000$ and upward.
  • Better and More Career Opportunities. An MBA prepares you for better and more career opportunities. The Graduate Management Admissions Council carried out a survey to this effect in 2012. According to the result of this survey, 64 percent of 2012 MBA graduates were able to switch to better jobs and careers.
  • Improved Consolidated Business/Professional Network. As an MBA graduate, countless doors of professional/business networks will open up for you. You are able to meet and relate with professionals in your field. Such professional interaction will help enhance your business management skills and capabilities. Also, through your professional network, you can get connected to bigger and better business opportunities. Finally, when you get an MBA, you become exposed to holistic management processes and techniques. In return, this will offer you vast business opportunities. And of course, your status in the society at large changes once you obtain the prestigious MBA degree.

Funny MBA Jokes

Here are some jokes about MBA:

Main Requirements for MBA Admission

When applying for MBA, you should bear in mind that a number of MBA programs have some set criteria for admitting students. Generally, admission decisions are based on the combination of the following;

  • Undergraduate Grade Point Average
  • GMAT Entrance Examination Scores
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Essays
  • A Resume Featuring Substantial Work Experience
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Interviews

Additional requirements may include extracurricular activities, volunteer work/community service involvement, and other major contributions to the larger society. Indeed, MBA is for the Win! The benefits of MBA student profile listed above and the MBA jokes that show the extra value of this prestigious program are all proofs.

Contact us right away to learn how you can make your MBA application a win-win. And, we have more MBA jokes to make you light-hearted.

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