Take a Look at a Sample Appeal Letter for College

Why Might You Need a Professional Sample Appeal Letter for College Admission to Help You?

college appeal letter samplesGetting the right admission decision for college depends on so many different factors that it is very difficult for those outside the process to truly know how or why one is made. In addition to this, there are far more qualified applicants to competitive schools than there are vacancies on offer so unless you have an extremely valid claim for an appeal, the chances are it was because you lacked some quality they were expressly looking for. In order to have grounds for an appeal, if the institution even has a process you can use (some don’t), you must be able to prove that your initial application didn’t accurately represent you and your achievements and use logical arguments to explain why.Believing that someone who appears less qualified than you has received an offer of admission when you haven’t is never a sufficient reason for appealing your admissions decision and why using college appeal letter writing services may benefit you.

How Our College Appeal Letter Example Can Help You

college appeal letter tipsThere are many sources of help that are available for you to use and gain insight from when writing your letter of appeal for college admission. The best kind are those which offer professional examples of an appeal letter for college which can be used to guide you through the expectations of information that will be required. Our professional writers have produced a college appeal letter sample here for you which contains helpful information and reasons for reconsideration that we hope will get you on your way to creating a perfect document to get a review board to change their minds:

challenge the decisionFind out why you were rejected with a polite phone call to the admissions representative. Don’t challenge their decision; you are trying to learn of any weaknesses found in your application.

to be wrongNever suggest they were wrong with their decision, this will put them on the defensive and make you appear arrogant which will hurt your cause.

administrative errorIf you are appealing because of an administrative error from your school; grades reported wrongly, misdirected letters, GPAs etc. present the error in your letter and accompany it with a letter from your high school counselor to legitimize your claim. Send a new official transcript if appropriate.

new information to shareIf there is new information to share then make sure it is significant. If your SAT scores climbed 10 points or your GPA went up by only .04 points, don’t bother appealing. If, on the other hand, you had your best quarter ever or you received SAT scores that were 120 points higher, this is definitely worth sharing.

extracurricular activitiesExtracurricular activities and awards can also be included with the same emphasis, participation in a football camp won’t make them reverse a rejection but learning you made the All-state team will.

be polite and appreciativeAlways be polite and appreciative. Recognize that the admissions teams have a tough job and that you realize how competitive the process is. Reaffirm your interest in the school and present your meaningful new information. Use the appropriate college appeal letter format if you want it to be taken seriously. Presenting a letter that reads like a shopping list will have less of an impact.

respect the busyAn appeal letter doesn’t need to be long. Respect the busy schedules of the admissions team and keep your letter brief but focused.

Our Experts Understand Exactly the Letter of Appeal Format Colleges Want to See an Appeal In

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