UMASS Amherst College Application Essay

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How to Write the Amherst Essay?

Applying to the University of Massachusetts Amherst College is done through the use of the common application along with your UMASS Amherst college essay. This college is ranked 74th amongst national universities and the UMASS Amherst acceptance rate is around 58%. As such it is a moderately hard university to get accepted for, however, you still need to ensure that your application will be able to make you stand out if you want to be sure of a place. Thus, it will be useful to get some college application consultant help.

Amherst takes a holistic approach to assessing your application, that is they will want to find out as much about you as a person and a student as well as the grades that you have achieved. While your test scores and GPA are important they will also factor in how you answer the Amherst essay prompts for your application essay. Your essay will often be the deciding factor when making any decisions; especially if your grades are very similar to your competition.

Writing an effective essay, however, is not an easy task for anyone and many applicants will struggle to come up with something that is going to get them noticed. This is why many students that want to enhance their chances of being selected will turn to our admissions counseling for support.

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UMASS Amherst College Application Requirements

Applications for Amherst College should be made prior to the 15th of Jan or the 1st of November for early action. All of the required information should be submitted or your application may not be considered. The following are the requirements for your Amherst application:umass amherst college logo

  • A completed common application
  • High school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Application fee $75
  • Your UMASS Amherst College essay

Writing an Effective Amherst College Essay

Your essay is certainly going to be an important part of your application. As the college, itself states:

“In addition to academic achievements, we are interested in the behaviors and attitudes, such as a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, that make students great learners and full contributors to the vibrancy of a campus community. We seek to admit students who will contribute fully to campus life. No specific grade point average, test score, or other qualification by itself ensures admission.”

You, therefore, need to ensure that you can write a personal statement or application essay that is going to grab the attention of the committee and persuade them as to how well you can contribute to their college. Writing an effective essay, however, can be a tough task. The following tips can help you with answering your UMASS Amherst essay questions:

  • Always ensure that your opening line is capable of getting the full attention of the reader so that they will want to read on and find out what you have to say.
  • Write about you; this is a personal essay and they will want to be able to find out about you and not others or read something that is purely analytical or argumentative.
  • Provide them with a story to read; your essay needs to have a clear flow and story line to keep the reader’s attention throughout.
  • Ensure that you actually answer the prompt that you have been provided and maintain relevance throughout your writing.
  • Do not exceed the UMASS Amherst college essay length of 300 words and use the proper essay format; demonstrate that you can follow the instructions and are able to write in a concise manner.

What to avoid in your essay writing:
  • Do not use any form of clichés, they want to hear your own personal words.
  • Never plagiarize within your essays; this is almost certain to be discovered and will guarantee that you do not win a place.
  • Do not make any unsubstantiated claims; always use clear and concise examples to demonstrate what you are capable of.
  • Never lie or exaggerate the truth to appear better within your essay.
  • Never submit work that contains errors; always carefully proofread your writing prior to submission.

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What Are the Amherst Essay Prompts?

In addition to the common application essay you will have to answer a specific UMASS Amherst college essay topic question. You will be asked to choose one of the following UMASS Amherst essay questions:

Option A:   Respond to one of the following quotations in an essay of not more than 300 words. It is not necessary to research, read, or refer to the texts from which these quotations are taken; we are looking for original, personal responses to these short excerpts. Remember that your essay should be personal in nature and not simply an argumentative essay.

“Rigorous reasoning is crucial in mathematics, and insight plays an important secondary role these days. In the natural sciences, I would say that the order of these two virtues is reversed. Rigor is, of course, very important. But the most important value is insight—insight into the workings of the world. It may be because there is another guarantor of correctness in the sciences, namely, the empirical evidence from observation and experiments.”
Kannan Jagannathan, Professor of Physics, Amherst College

“Translation is the art of bridging cultures. It’s about interpreting the essence of a text, transporting its rhythms and becoming intimate with its meaning… Translation, however, doesn’t only occur across languages: mentally putting any idea into words is an act of translation; so is composing a symphony, doing business in the global market, understanding the roots of terrorism. No citizen, especially today, can exist in isolation– that is, I untranslated.”
Ilán Stavans, Professor of Latin American and Latino Culture, Amherst College, Robert Croll ’16 and Cedric Duquene ’15, from “Interpreting Terras Irradient,” Amherst Magazine, Spring 2015.

“Creating an environment that allows students to build lasting friendships, including those that cut across seemingly entrenched societal and political boundaries…requires candor about the inevitable tensions, as well as about the wonderful opportunities, that diversity and inclusiveness create.”
Carolyn “Biddy” Martin, 19th President of Amherst College, from Letter to Amherst College Alumni and Families, December 28, 2015.

“Difficulty need not foreshadow despair or defeat. Rather, achievement can be all the more satisfying because of obstacles surmounted.” Attributed to William Hastie, Amherst College Class of 1925, the first African-American to serve as a judge for the United States Court of Appeals

Option B: Submit a graded paper from your junior or senior year that best represents your writing skills and analytical abilities. We are particularly interested in your ability to construct a tightly reasoned, persuasive argument that calls upon literary, sociological or historical evidence. You should NOT submit a laboratory report, journal entry, creative writing sample or in-class essay.

We Can Help with Writing Your Amherst Application Essay

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